Tuchel reveals players should be given a break

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Chelsea‘s German manager Thomas Tuchel has revealed. It is time for Chelsea players to take a break after playing in a row from December to mid-January.

The devastating coronavirus pandemic many teams. I have to go on the field a lot more often than before especially. Chelsea are still in contention for all the trophies they play. Requiring Thomas Tuchel to have a lot of rotation. Always kicking into the field. Although Chelsea’s squad is strong and there are plenty of options available. The constant playing time without breaks has a huge impact on the physical condition of the players in the UFABET team as a whole. The results of Chelsea’s competition began to deteriorate noticeably.

Especially in the English Premier League. Which has just collected only one win from the last 5 games on the field. Plus 3 draws, now Chelsea have dropped to 3rd in the table. And in the latest game, Chelsea only managed to draw with Brighton. Disappointingly reducing Chelsea’s chances of winning the English Premier League and Chelsea have to play against Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs on the weekend before entering the international break

Thomas Tuchel revealed that Chelsea’s players deserve a full break after having played in a row since December, with Thomas Tuchel saying: “All the players are exhausted. To have to go on the field continuously and there is not much time to prepare, wrong with Brighton, who have prepared very well, although we will try our best, but my team has almost no energy, so it is clear that we need time. Take a break immediately.”