Spurs eye Conseçao as Nuno Santo replacement

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Tottenham are set to look for a new manager to replace Nuno Santo after. Tottenham’s performance failed to meet the board’s expectations. SER Gio Concecao is also one of Nuno Santo’s representatives.

Since Mauricio Pochettino led Tottenham to the final of the UEFA Champions League. Tottenham Hotspur has Never came close to achieving anything again. Despite having changed managers all the time. Previously it was Jose Mourinho who took over Tottenham Hotspur but was sacked. Quick with a disappointing performance and Tottenham Hotspur decided to bring Nuno Santo as their new manager.

Although Tottenham Hotspur made a brilliant debut with three straight wins. But after the performance started to deteriorate with a series of defeats in a row that slipped out of the top four. The latest addition, Tottenham Hotspur has just lost to Manchester United. It are forming in a state of collapse despite playing in their own place. Causing the future of Nuno Santo to begin.

Tottenham are already on the lookout for a new manager. If Tottenham’s performance continues to disappoint by Sergio Con. Sesau is also one of the managers are preparing to replace Nuno Santo with a great performance in charge of Porto. But in addition to Sergio Concecao. Tottenham Hotspur too.