Shearer says the Salika player is playing for his future

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Newcastle United legend Alan Shearer has pointed out that A Salika Dong player is playing for his future. After seeing the form of play referred to in the Premier League game last night.

 Alan Shearer revealed on Match of the Day that Mikel Almiron was “playing for his future” at Newcastle United after scoring the winner in the 1-0 victory. Over Crystal Palace at St James’ Park in the Premier League last night (Wednesday 20 April 2022) , Newcastle are always reliable to play at home. because after opening the house to win ‘Prasat Ruean Kaew’ and it is equal to their record of winning six home league games in a row. 

          Newcastle‘s 32nd-minute winning goal from Almiron’s stunning shot moved three-match winning Serie A champions to 11th on 40 points after 33 games. Which is 15 points away from the relegation zone, so this work was done by Eddie Howe, the team manager of Salika Dong. to even praise the UFABET team for showing the best form especially the first half 

          And for Almiron 28 has started for Newcastle in their last three. Premier League games where the team have collected nine full points. Two of them beating Wolves before. 1-0 and a 2-1 win over Leicester City. Before finally beating Patrick Vieira’s side by a narrow score again. The Paraguayan international was the only goal scorer of the game, with Bruno Guimares providing a precise pass for him. Before Almiron rushed past England star Tyric Mitchell, he slipped in with a left-footed ball over Vicente Guaita in a beautiful way.

          Newcastle legend Shearer revealed his feelings towards the door of Almiron He said his goalscoring has been missing since he joined the club. And he’s playing for his future. But I’m happy with the finish of this Shin. “He is one of many players who are playing for their future. We know Newcastle will invest again. One thing you can never criticize him for is his diligence or attitude. Which is always great,” Shearer told Match of the Day. “His opening and finishing touches. you can criticize him but not tonight That’s what was missing from him. His number of goals was never good enough. Now he has until the end of the season to prove he deserves to stay.”

          It was reported earlier this month that Newcastle were willing to sell Almiron for less than half the £21m he paid, just £10m. But after the last three starts and his goal against Palace He deserves to stay with the team, with Eddie Howe full of admiration for him. And while he may not start every week, his attitude and diligence According to Shearer, it’s commendable. Almiron is definitely the type of player you want to be in your team as a back-up or a substitute.