Rodgers responds to rumors Barca and Man United

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Barcelona have sacked their former manager Ronand Koeman in the middle of last week. The reason is due to the team’s poor performance. Another team that cannot be mentioned is Manchester United, they have invested enormously this season. Bringing in some of the best players to the squad has raised fan expectations, but Ole Gunar Solskjaer doesn’t seem to be able to meet the overwhelming hopes of fans. Because the performance is not worthy of the investment of the team and that important Last game, he led the team to a defeat against all-time rivals Liverpool, a messy home goal 0-5, making his chair unstable anymore. And the manager reportedly linked to the two is Branden Rodgers.

Leicester City manager Brenden Rodgers has responded to speculations that He has been linked with a bigger team.

Rodgers is said to be joining Barcelona, ​​who has now sacked Ronand Koeman. And there is also news linked to going to coach Manchester United if Ole Gunar Solskjaer has bounced off the chair as well.

But he has come out to respond about this. “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

“I’m sure the fans will be tired of watching this, at Leicester there is always this kind of news. I am always focused on Leicester, improving our team and challenging for honor.”

“The board, the coaching staff and the players, all have the same view.”