Ranieri: Watford’s defense should be improved

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Watford’s Italian manager Claudio Ranieri has revealed that Watford’s defense is in trouble. Urgent improvements are needed following the disappointing defeat to Southampton.

Although Watford were once a regular in the English Premier League. Watford’s standards have dropped a lot and seem to have only become a relegation team. There is also a high chance of returning to the League Championship. Forcing Watford to bring Claudio Ranieri as the new manager in place of Cisco. Disappointing and Watford’s performance has started to improve accordingly.

Watford have now moved up from the relegation area. But with their recent defeat. Watford risk going back into the relegation area. Which Klaus has Dio Ranieri is very unhappy. Admits Watford have a defensive problem that needs urgent improvement. Claudio Ranieri saying: “It’s hard to say. A lot of playing with only two defenders to choose from.”

“Obviously the two need to improve defensively more. I look forward to seeing them both improve in training. It went on to maintain a 9-match unbeaten record in all competitions before the international break.