Raise “Haaland” the best complete equipment Plus there’s a dark side as well

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The face is not brutal! Brentford defender Ben Mee has revealed that Manchester City striker Erling Haaland is a super strong player. and complete with both light and dark sides after having hit the footsteps

It is a player who has shown excellent form of play, although he has just played in the English Premier League football battle for the first season, but Erling Haaland, the striker of the team. “The Blues” Manchester City, a giant club of the British Isles. Has rammed 32 goals after playing a total of 28 matches and has played a part in leading the agency to win the UFABET championship this season as well

Raise "Haaland" the best complete equipment Plus there's a dark side as well

Brenford defender Ben Mee, who has played against Haaland in the past, has revealed to Sky Sports that Haaland is a capable and powerful player. a lot By having to admit that he is a difficult player to take down especially playing tricks Many people look at it like this, it shouldn’t have a dark side to play.

“We’ve all gotten together in the past. Each side secretly pinch Snuggle up like an ant bite By the way, Haaland is probably the one who does it more often than me. when they met on the field Our plan is try to play hard Relying on his new physique, hitting both inside and outside the box to break his rhythm. and not allowing him to play as well as he wanted But he still managed to get out and score goals.

For Brenford, there is a program to meet with Manchester City in the Premier League football. Again on May 28, 2023 at the G-Tech Community Stadium, Brenford’s home. In which the two will duel each other again.