Laj was not surprised by Huang’s footsteps.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Portuguese manager Bruno Laj is not surprised by Hwang Hee Chan’s excellent form despite having recently joined Wolverhampton Wanderers in the transfer window.

Wolverhampton Wanderers urgently need a new striker to join the squad. Although Raul Jimenez is in the squad. But with a craniofacial problem. Raul Jimenez may be out. Which Hwang Hee Chan can get back in good form immediately from the match. First appearance for Wolverhampton with 1 goal.

And with a great performance, Hwang Hee Chan stepped up to become the main character of Wolverhampton immediately. Hwang Hee Chan scoring 4 goals in 6 games. Including the latest Wolverhampton Wanderers Having just beaten Everton. Bruno Laj is not surprised that Hwang Hee Chan has done a great job. Bruno Laj saying in an interview: “I know Hwang Hee Chan and me. It’s no surprise that he’s doing such a great job.”

“What is important is that Hwang Hee Chan is not only scoring goals. But he is a player who puts his best on the pitch. I am very happy to see all the players doing such a great job. Excellent Wolverhampton moved up to seventh in the table after defeating Everton successfully.