Laj: Hoever needs to improve attitude

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Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Portugal manager Bruno Laj has revealed that Ki Jana Hoever needs to improve on his attitude. He set a good example for many of his players in the squad should train hard to prepare for them. incoming opportunity

Despite having been with Liverpool before. Ki Jana Hoever is still not good enough to squeeze into a mainstay of Liverpool anyway, with Trent Alexander Arnold performing. In addition to that, there is also Neko Williams is always ready to be squeezed into the main character of Liverpool. Causing Ki Jana Hoever to part with Liverpool immediately. It is Wolverhampton Wanderers who decided to bring Ki Ya. Na Hoever joined the club for just £8 million.

But Ki Jana Hoever appears to be a substitute for Wolverhampton Wanderers. Although the switch manager to Bruno Laj has not improved Ki Jana Hoever’s playing time. And the latest match against Crystal Palace is a great opportunity for Kiyana Hoever to prove himself ready to start with Wolverhampton. But just 25 minutes away from the pitch. With injury issues and Bruno Laj urging Ki Jana Hoever to improve his attitude

Ki Jana Hoever is a good example for a player of talent. But impatience because he is never completely prepared for the pitch. Especially in under-training and recent events like that often. It happens all the time. Within the team there are many young players who don’t do their best in training. Because they don’t think they will get the opportunity to play, so I don’t need to pay attention to players who don’t give their all and it’s a warning. For every player within the ยูฟ่าเบท team.