Jorginho admits he didn’t win a penalty from James

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Although Chelsea are without a natural striker following injuries to both Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner. Chelsea’s attack is still very dangerous. Especially with the forward. Attacking from the flanks is effective. Chelsea’s wing-backs are always ready to score goals on the opposite side. Whether it be Reece James or Ben Chilwell. Chelsea’s latest game against Newcastle. It was also Reece James, who scored twice to help Chelsea lead Newcastle United first.

Plus at the end of the game, there was a moment when Chelsea got a penalty, which Reece James had a chance to win a hat-trick immediately if the penalty was not missed, but it was Jorginho who was responsible for killing and with Already at number one, Jorginho’s shot was a success and helped Chelsea win over Newcastle United, keeping Chelsea at No. 1 in the table. The score, but Jorginho was criticized for not allowing Reece James to take a penalty for a hat-trick.

In which Jorginho revealed that Reece James did not tell him he wanted to take the penalty and encouraged him, and admitted that if Reece James asked for a penalty it would be available immediately, Jorginho said in an interview. “Even though we had a conversation before the penalty shoot-out, Reece James didn’t tell me he wanted to take the penalty and he encouraged me, of course, if Reece James told me he wanted to take the penalty. I was ready immediately.”