Barnes: Leicester City can only beat Spartak Moscow

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Leicester City midfielder Harvey Barnes has revealed. Leicester City have to beat Spartak Moscow to regain confidence after their recent loss to Arsenal. disappointingly.

I have to admit that Leicester City’s performance in the 2021/22 season is quite disappointing. Because it is almost impossible to win in both the English Premier League. Which just lost to Arsenal until it fell into the area. In the middle of the table. They are already a lot behind the teams in the top four. In the Europa League they are likely to not qualify for the next round after only winning one match out of all 3 matches. Field in the group stage.

Fortunately, Leicester City narrowly beat Spartak Moscow in the latest match. Giving Leicester City a very high advantage in the second match because they will play in their own homeland. Harvey Barnes revealed that Leicester City only need to beat Spartak Moscow to regain confidence. Harvey Barnes saying: “We need to go back. Let’s do a great job again after having suffered a defeat in the previous match.”

“Plus we’re having a very busy week until the new year. Forcing us to regain our confidence as quickly as possible to get back on track.” After the midweek battle with Spartak Mau Leicester City are set to travel to Leeds United in the English Premier League before the international break.