Allan is happy to work with Benitez.

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Everton’s Brazilian midfielder Allan admits he is very happy to work with Rafael Benitez. Despite rumors of a transfer coming after Everton’s transfer change team manager.

Everton have made the decision to bring in Carlo Ancelotti as manager. Carlo Ancelotti has brought in both Allan. James Rodriguez both of whom have been outstanding.They have been key players at Everton. Although Everton’s overall performance may not be satisfactory.

Of course, many of Carlo Ancelotti’s pot-balls run the risk of being let go. James Rodriguez is one of Everton’s surpluses. But it’s good that Allan has been able to retain his place in Everton’s starting line-up. It has done an excellent job. Allan admitting he is very happy to work with Rafael Benitez. Allan said: “My experience with Carlo Ancelotti is very important to me.”

“Although we didn’t expect Carlo Ancelotti to part with Everton. One day it had to happen anyway with the nature of football. A denial of opportunity not for Carlo Ancelotti either. He Helping many players in the team a lot.”