Observe 9 symptoms that qualify as “Dementia”

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Dementia  is a symptom of abnormal brain function in memory, thinking, reasoning, language use, and environmental perception. This causes problems in thinking, decision making, behavior and emotions changing from before. which affects living life or doing daily activities Until finally many patients Couldn’t help myself. There must be a close caregiver.

Observe 9 symptoms that qualify as "Dementia"

From the survey results of the Health Systems Research Institute The most recent physical examination in 2014 found that 8.1 percent of elderly people aged 60 years and over had dementia. It is estimated that at this time there are approximately 800,000 people nationwide. Found in more women than men. which is a common problem in patients with dementia In addition to being a matter of memory It was also found that 90 percent, or approximately 700,000 people, also had behavioral and mental problems.

Explore 9 common symptoms in patients “Dementia”

1. Indifference, not paying attention to things around you Concentration becomes short Feeling dizzy Lack of enthusiasm for things you once liked Slowly processing other people’s words or do not understand what others communicate Loss of ability to plan or solve problems in everyday life Feeling difficult doing familiar tasks Decreased decision-making ability

2. Depression,  feeling inferior. feeling lonely Losing faith in yourself Starting to respect yourself less Easily depressed Feeling guilty about little things The end is hurting yourself and wanting to commit suicide. But if compared with the depressive symptoms that occur in dementia patients The birth pattern shows symptoms often. But it’s not as serious as people suffering from depression.

3. Irritated, easily angered  , or already having emotional fluctuations. Because of the feelings of people who have thought and made good decisions Instead, there must have been some sort of defect. Until being unable to live life easily as before There may be tension. Until causing loud noises with anger and anger Or you may remain silent and not speak at all.

4. Having problems with eating and sleeping,  such as feeling stuffed, uncomfortable, starting to lose appetite I don’t want to eat anything. Feeling not hungry even though you haven’t eaten all day, unable to sleep, having difficulty sleeping There is a little light or noise. You will feel easily awake and immediately feel irritated.

5. Do something over and over  if you feel forgetful more often and cause negative effects, such as frequently losing things, asking questions repeatedly, repeating the same message. Can’t remember past events Confused about time and place Reading is more difficult. It’s harder to estimate the distance. Most patients do not remember what they have forgotten. and thought of himself as normal

6. Hearing  strange sounds that other people cannot hear. Even if they are in the same position, for example, they hear someone crying. heard laughter with no real voice

7. Call for attention It is a reaction that tries to stimulate itself. In order to interact more with the surroundings, such as dressing that is severely inappropriate for the occasion. Get up and walk around in the night. Or have a feeling that you have to go must do something But I don’t know exactly what to do or what I want. So it came out in the form of getting up and walking first. do or express first,ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com etc.

8. Delusions  are abnormalities of the thought system. The hallmark of this group of symptoms is having beliefs that are not true. and cannot be corrected, such as believing that there are people doing evil all the time It is believed that there are people impersonating their relatives or friends. It is believed that a stranger was living in the house. It is believed that the treasure was stolen. or believe that your life partner or spouse is unfaithful, etc.

9. Unable to restrain behavior  Behaviors like biting, scratching, kicking, hitting, destroying things, cursing, screaming. These are symptoms found in patients with severe dementia. Due to high levels of stress and anxiety Whenever I feel like my privacy has been crossed. will respond with such aggression Or another symptom that is found in patients with dementia. That is, unable to restrain one’s sexual feelings, such as showing off one’s genitals. Frequent masturbation, flirting with others, and even sexual harassment.

If you feel that you or someone close to you has any of the symptoms mentioned above. You should consult a doctor at a nearby hospital. Or call the mental health hotline 1323 for advice 24 hours a day.