5 popular facial skin problems during Work From Home

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Throughout the time that the girls Must live with Work From Home, in addition to being a matter of mental health, not as strong as it should be. It also causes bad physical and facial health as well. which today we have compiled 5 popular problems that occur with the skin during the girls I had to sit and work at home for the past several months. Let’s share with girls. Everyone knows each other. followed by Czech Do better than any problems that arise with their own skin now.

5 popular facial skin problems during Work From Home

1. Dry skin
Did you know that dry skin is the number one problem that occurs to women who have to work from home? It also leads to the problem of peeling and flaky skin. That’s because girls Many people have the habit of sleeping and sitting at work by turning on the air conditioner all day. plus sleep late Drink very little water, take a warm shower, and neglect skincare. Which these behaviors result in the face and body of the girls. Severe lack of moisture In addition, the skin loses its balance and eventually causes skin irritation.

2. dull skin
The cause of dull skin. That’s because the skin is exposed to sunlight and UV light. Which during the girls Have to sit and work at home I often forget to apply sunscreen often. Because many people have the habit of applying sunscreen only on the days that they have to go outside. Even though sunscreen is considered an item that must be applied every day. Whether going out outdoors or sleeping in the house. because sunlight can shine in every corner of the house. And most importantly, blue light from computer screens can also hurt the skin as well. And the best protection is to apply sunscreen.

3. There is a rash and a red rash.
Staying indoors for days without going out Including having the same daily routine every day. This results in inevitable stress. It also causes cumulative stress as well. This problem also directly affects health. makes it easy to get sick, poor skin, dull skin. And some people have rashes and red rashes on the skin as well. That’s because stress causes capillaries under the skin to dilate. Until causing various rashes to follow ทางเข้า ufabet

4. Severe pimples,
hard work and untimely rest Plus eating foods that are rarely through meticulous selection. As a result, the body receives nutrients that are not complete. It is also stressful to work every day, inevitably causing acne. And especially if you have to wear a mask every time you have to go out. It will cause humidity. and cause irritation to the skin as a result That is therefore no surprise that During the period of working at home, why do girls have so many acne problems?

5. Bags under the eyes are swollen.
puffy eye bags problem This is a problem that occurs to many women during Work From Home because many people have to work until late at night. Or some people may choose to relax to relieve stress during the night. by watching movies, watching series and what follows is having puffy bags under the eyes dark circles under eyes And the eyes are pandas itself.

When girls are faced with popular problems that occur with their facial skin during Work From Home, what you should do urgently is to take care of your facial skin to return to normal immediately. which is a simple way that can be done is get enough sleep exercise every morning Drink lemon juice in the morning after waking up. wash your face clean and always make time for facial skin care with skin care This will help the girls. Say goodbye to facial skin problems that occur during the time of having to work from home.